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Grundfos SP5A

Grundfos SP5A series all stainless steel bore pumps are the workhorse models of all submersible bore pumps.   With a flow range of between 30 L/min out to 80 L/min, the SP5A range is designed for medium flows.    We supply these pumps in 3 motor configurations, the first is a  single phase 240v 2 wire and earth motor which does not require a starter box and has a lower price because of this although it does have a capacitor in the motor and if the capacitor blows, you will need a replacement motor as the capacitor cannot be replaced, in addition, to replace the motor you need to pull the pump out of the bore, 2 wire and earth motors are only available for 0.37 kW, 0.55 kW, 0.75 kW and, 1.1 kW 240v motors.   The second is the 240v single phase 3 wire and earth motor which does require a starter box, the starter box is installed at the top of the bore and contains start and run capacitors and a changeover relay plus electrical connections, if either capacitor blows, it is a simple exercise to replace the capacitor and no need to pull the pump out of the bore, all single phase motors above 1.1 kW are 3 wire and earth motors.   The third option is the 3 phase 414v motor, a 3 phase motor is generally a little less in price that a single phase 3 wire and earth motor and the cable connecting the motor to the starter box at the top of the bore can be a smaller thickness cable which will make it less costly, 3 phase motors require contactors and overloads.

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