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DIY Bore Kits

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Over the last 18 years we have supplied many of our clients with a "Do It Yourself" submersible bore pump kit. This idea has been so well received that we have now extended the range of submersible pumps that are available in kit form for self-installation to include nearly all bore pumps in the single phase range as well as quite a few 3 phase systems.

Why buy a kit?

By purchasing your submersible bore pump as a complete and tested kit, you will save money. Installing a submersible bore pump is really a very simple task when you follow the instructions that we provide and you will always do a better job than somebody else as it is your own bore. You will know exactly where the pump is located down the bore and you will know exactly what has been used in the system. You do not need to pay someone to install a submersible pump - you really can do it yourself with our DIY kits.

Many of our clients have also commented that they received a huge sense of satisfaction by doing the installation themselves. A real sense of achievement to have assembled the equipment and then installed the system, turned on the electricity and to have water come up out of the ground - "it was just like magic" was one comment from a very happy client.

How hard is it to install?

We supply all of the equipment required and that includes every item, nothing is left out. With each submersible bore pump kit you receive detailed instructions together with photos of exactly how everything should look. You also receive detailed "point form" step by step installation instructions and unlimited telephone support which is available from 7am to 10pm.

What is in the kit?

We supply every piece of equipment that you will need and every item is wet tested in our test tank by our electrician (Wayne) prior to dispatch from our factory to make absolutely sure that you will not have a problem when installing your bore pump.  Items that are in the kit include:

  • The stainless steel submersible pump selected for your situation,
  • The stainless steel submersible motor together with the required length of approved and rated electrical cable already connected, tested and connected to the appropriate starter box and control system,
  • The stainless steel bore cap with stainless steel lifting eyes,
  • The stainless steel safety cable to the required length plus the s/steel clamps to secure it,
  • The "Automatic" controller or, controller and Protect unit control systems wired and tested,
  • All metric poly pipe fittings with brass male threads,
  • The necessary PVC pump shroud may also be included and if so, the pump and motor will be installed inside the shroud,
  • The appropriate length of metric polyethylene pipe for "down the hole" connection to the pump (if you included this in your order),
  • All teflon and PVC tape required,
  • Ball valve, pressure gauge and fittings at the top of the bore all pre-assembled and tested,
  • Instructions and photos for installation together with our service mobile phone number.

To download the request for quote form click here


What if I have a problem?

Our main office number is available from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and our service mobile number is available to clients between 7am and 10pm every day of the week so all you need to do is call.

What is the warranty?

All of our DIY submersible bore pump kits are covered by the manufacturers minimum 24-month or 36 month warranty depending on the model.   We can extend that to 48 and 60 months with the addition of a Protect unit.   Our 10-year warranty is available to selected clients on selected Grundfos pumping systems subject to conditions.

Will I really save money?

I guarantee that by installing one of our DIY kits you will definitely save money.  Our pumps are selected so that you receive the maximum volume of water for the minimum energy costs and this can add up to thousands of dollars over the life of your system.

We supply our DIY kits at a reasonable price.  What I will guarantee is that the equipment that we will supply with your DIY kit is the real deal and has been proven over many years.  We only supply the very best quality equipment and components. Grundfos pumps have been manufactured in Denmark since 1945, they manufacture over 16 million pumps each year and they are the very best value for money that I can find.   Many of our Grundfos pumps are assembled and tested in Australia.

A good example of our use of superior quality equipment is submersible electrical cable, many companies supply "Orange Circular" cable which is also know as "builders wire" to go down the bore and connect to the motor.   Using orange circular is just not right - its cheap but its not the right cable and it will fail.   The motor manufacturers will not honour a warranty if the wrong cable is used.

We guarantee to supply the correct size and type of electrical cable that is correctly rated for your pump.   We supply Seimens brand cable, made in Germany to international and Australian standards, in my opinion, the very best cable available in Australia. 

What information do I need to supply?

Selecting the correct bore pump for the task requires a thorough understanding of pumping as well as knowing the correct information so we need answers to all of the following questions. Ideally we would like a copy of the drillers log but if this is not available, accurate answers are fine.

What is the diameter of the bore casing?
What is the depth of the bore to the very bottom of the hole?
What is the "Standing Water Level" (the level of the water below the ground when no pump is installed)?
What is the estimated flow or yield of the bore?
Was a pump test carried out? If so, what are the results?
What are you going to do with the water when it is out of the bore? Pump to a tank, irrigate, to a dam etc.

To download the request for quote form click here

We also need information on the heights, sprinklers, tanks and distances to enable us to select the correct submersible pump kit so we will need to talk with you on the phone. If you send us an email with your phone number and a time that is suitable for us to call, we can ask the questions and provide a recommendation and quote. email rod@borepumps.com.au